Offensive odours lead to fine

7 02 2011

A waste management company in Perth was fined £14,000 after complaints were made by residents about offensive odours.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) investigated the odours and found that they emanated from the company’s composting site in Abernethy.

TEG Environmental Limited pled guilty to three charges of contravening their permit conditions by failing to contain offensive odours from the site and to one charge of contravening their permit conditions by allowing the release of leachate.

The odour was caused by large stockpiles of green waste and some co-mingled waste (green waste and food waste) being stored under a canopy.

The problem occurred when more waste was being brought onto the site than could be treated, resulting in waste being left outside. The company could have diverted the waste to reduce the odour.

SEPA issued a Variation Notice to the company in early 2010 which required an upgrade of the odour abatement system. It also placed limits on the types of waste and where the waste could be stored at the site.

SEPA area manager, Colin Anderson, said: “The outcome of this court case emphasises the need for operators to comply with the conditions of their Permit.

“Where companies do not comply with their Permit, SEPA will not hesitate to take enforcement action.”



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