Rubbish tip still on the nose.

18 09 2011

OPPONENTS of the Regional Resource Recovery Centre (RRRC) have renewed calls for the centre to close after an odour-monitoring program showed green waste and fermented garbage odour still plagued surrounding areas. The Leeming and Willetton Community Odour Monitoring program, co-ordinated by the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC), confirmed the presence of green waste and fermented garbage odours in the suburbs from January to April. Canning Melville Community Odour Action Group spokesman Rod Petterson said the results clearly showed there was an ongoing problem at the centre. “Something needs to be done quickly as we are heading into the problematic time of year, and it seems to be worse in summer,” he said. “Our position in 2006 was just to close the centre down until the odour problem was resolved. That remains our position.” The odour monitor recorded smells from 32 residential properties across the two suburbs over a 14-week period, with participating residents required to log all odours while the DEC conducted field observations. DEC director of environment regulation Alan Sands said more than 190 odours attributable to the centre were recorded, out of 332 odour log reports. He said most green waste, compost and fermented garbage odours were reported between February and April and, in light of the results, further investigation would be undertaken to identify the source of the problems within the RRRC. Riverton MLA Mike Nahan said another report was unnecessary. “They (residents) know that DEC has been working with the SMRC to try to stop the odours but the survey has clearly shown their remedial work has not been successful,” he said. “It is time to develop a plan to replace the centre.” SMRC chairman Tony Romano acknowledged the odours in Leeming and Willetton but said the reported smells “were generally weak and transient”. He said the council would continue to work with the community and DEC to meet its licence conditions and environmental goals.



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