Rogersville named an EPA superfund site – News

27 09 2011

Rogersville named an EPA superfund site – News: “The Environmental Protection Agency announced Sept. 15 that a Rogersville well contaminated with trichloroethylene (TCE) is on the agency’s list of proposed sites for Superfund cleanup.
Rogersville Mayor Jack Cole confirmed with the EPA on Sept. 19 that the designation of the Compass Plaza well also included other area wells contaminated by TCE.

“When they talk about the Compass site, they are not talking about just that site. They are talking about general clean-up of TCE in the area,” Cole said.
“It can be nothing but good for us and the landowners in that area,” Cole said last week, noting  his understanding was that the designation was inclusive of other area sites. “If the EPA is willing to take on that responsibility, all the better.”
A press release issued by the EPA last week only listed the Compass well, which was a surprise to Rogersville Assembly of God Pastor Greg Robertson.
The church, which operated as a waterworks, responsible for regular water testing and reports, when hooked up to the well in question, has since connected to city waterlines.”

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