Find another spot, Health tells waste proponents

2 11 2011

THE NSW Health Department has strongly urged proponents of a waste resource and recovery centre to find another site. Environmental health officer Warren Matthews told the Southern Regional Planning Panel on Friday that the facility was too close to homes. The department is most concerned about odour and questions how proponents, Denrith Pty Ltd, can eliminate fumes from an enclosed area with a filtration system. “The technology is not proven,” Mr Matthews said. “We have severe doubts (it) can remove odour from the waste.” He told the forum he’d checked other similar facilities in NSW and couldn’t find one that handled putrescible and recycled waste in the one building. The meeting heard that recyclables would be handled in a separate building, but enclosed in the 94 metre by 45m facility. Mr Matthews was therefore concerned for employees’ safety working in an environment of “toxic fumes and noisy machinery.” With doors at both ends (though not continually opened) he predicted a wind funnelling effect. On a windy day it was difficult to know how far odour would carry. “The modelling didn’t fully explain how odour would be eliminated,” he said. Crundwell St resident John Newton told the panel there was plenty of evidence to show models and statistics didn’t always work. “So what is the potential affect on the asset values of people’s houses within 500 metres? “What happens if they can’t sell and get fair value? I think that should be part and parcel of considerations.” North Goulburn Action Group member Richard Orchard and numerous residents voiced strong concerns about odour, materials to be received, traffic volumes, the lack of turning lanes in and out of Bridge St on to Sydney Rd, noise, location, visual impact and inadequate notification of the plan. Some lived just 120 metres from the site. Others, like Stella Friend live just across the road. She said she had been informed it was a new home for Endeavour Industries, to which she didn’t object. “They (Denrith) never said anything about a tip,” Mrs Friend said. “It’s the wrong place for a rubbish tip and I hope something can be done to stop it.” Long St property owner Tony Egan suggested other sites like the old wool scour in Mazamet Rd, which also had rail access, would be more suitable. He feared if Goulburn grew, so would its waste and the number of trucks travelling to and from the facility. Kevin Watchirs told the panel bluntly: “You don’t put a tip on the river.” “In its every day running the stench will be a huge problem for workers and everyone in north Goulburn,” he said. “…Let’s avoid a catastrophe and national embarrassment and put it somewhere else.” After the meeting, Mr Orchard likened the approval process to the “tail wagging the dog” given that Denrith had no firm agreement with Council to handle its waste, nor with Woodlawn, where it was proposed to go. Opposing residents on Friday also included: Paul Alessi, Vanessa and Matthew Kelly, Meave Ramsay, Conway Bogg and Ron Beaver. SPEAKING UP: North Goulburn Action Group member Richard Orchard, who declared himself a candidate at next year’s council elections, opposed the waste and recycling centre at Friday’s forum. Page:12single page Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Email to a friend comments Date: Newest first | Oldest firstYayyyyyyyy!!! No tip….. Posted by Fritz, 31/10/2011 8:50:17 PM, on Goulburn Post post a comment Screen name * Email address * Remember me? Comment * We invite and encourage our readers to post comments. Comments are moderated and will appear as soon as our editor has approved them. When posting comments you agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions.



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