More complaints on odour

3 11 2011

NASTY NIFFS on Corballis Beach in Donabate have been traced to a septic tank serving public toilets at the beach. Following local complaints, Mayor of Fingal, Cllr Gerry Mcguire (right) brought the issue to the attention of the council. He asked what the council intended to do to eliminate what he called the ‘constant bad odours in the vicinity of the public toilets at Corballis Beach’. The council said the source of the offensive odours were a septic tank for the toilets and said: ‘ The septic tank associated with the public toilets at Donabate Beach was emptied on a number of occasions during the summer bathing season. ‘Arrangements have been made to have it cleaned out again. ‘A dye test will be carried out to establish if there are any leaks or cracks which may result in odours.’



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13 12 2011
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