1 02 2012

Anotec was appointed to design, manufacture, install and commission remediation equipment for the remediation of a former gas work site.

The remediation equipment comprised the following main components:

·Water treatment system for dewatering of excavations . Engineered odour control canopy to allow excavation of odoriferous contaminated soils from a tar pit.
Closed loop pump and treat system for odorous aqueous liquids from dewatering and tar tanks.
Actively aerated biopile system for ex-situ remediation of soil.

Anotec manufactured the various remediation systems in-house and modified existing equipment to suit site requirements. Mobilisation to site was achieved within 1 week of instruction and the dewatering, water treatment system and closed loop pump and treat system were fully operational within 20 working days.

All diffuse odour emissions from the water treatment system were captured and treated in a dedicated air filtration system, to avoid escape of odours to nearby housing estate. All vacuum pumps extraction blowers/fans were housed within acoustically enclosed containers to minimise the risk of noise impact to nearby residents.

Upon commencement of excavation works, actively aerated biopile systems were set up together with ancillaries and extraction pipework. The biopiles were designed to allow flexible operation to accommodate a staged soil excavation programme, thus facilitating rapid turn-around of treated soils for backfill operations.
Air emissions and liquid effluents were treated using a Granular Activated Carbon  filtration system prior to discharge. The  Granular Activated Carbon  filters were sized and designed to allow prolonged treatment with the minimum number of changes of media in order to minimise impact on site operations.

Anotec’s engineers undertook regular operational system checks and  visits to ensure continued operation of remediation equipment.



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