Odours are a thing of the past

14 02 2012

Odours Are now a thing of the past. Due to odour control .

The ramp-up will be gradual in order to verify that the air containment and odour management systems are functioning properly, but she expects the facility will return to full-scale operations by April.

Not long after opening the new composting facility last year,  it was shut down after neighbours in the area complained of foul odours coming from the plant.

Anotec reviewed the air containment and odour management systems, and with input from a residence, devised an action plan to resolve the odour issues.

Most recently, odour control systems were to be installed on the acid waste tank in the air containment system. And rather than using automated sensors, now staff will use hand-held absorption tubes several times a day to measure odour levels. As well, a modified scrubber/humidifier will operate using pH levels rather than ammonia levels.

Anotec will also design and install a permanent connection between the blower room and the odour management system, which should prevent any odours from escaping.

The plant began operations in early 2007 on the site where a previous  composting plant had operated. That plant was the subject of several odour complaints until it was closed in the spring of 2006.

The new facility cost about $39 million to build.



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