Guidelines for Recycling Plant

26 06 2012

RINGWOOD-based business CMA Recycling is being forced to comply with strict operational guidelines following a decision by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal last week. VCAT has ordered Maroondah Council to endorse the management plans developed throughout the tribunal proceedings, including dust, noise and odour regulations. Council chief executive officer Frank Dixon said the decision was welcomed “as it imposes many, and very detailed, obligations on how CMA must operate its business and how CMA must monitor the impact of its operations on others”. “Clearly council’s decision to bring the proceedings was justified and necessary to bring CMA’s operations into line,” he said. “While holding CMA to account has consumed significant council and community resources, council remains committed to protecting the amenity and health and safety of its community.” But the tribunal hearing showed CMA was not entirely in the wrong, with senior member Jeanette Rickards, who presided over the hearing, saying “it seemed to me that in relation to the management plans neither [the council] nor CMA were very clear as to what they really wanted”. “The plans presented required a considerable amount of work from both sides to ensure that they are effective, enduring and implement a reliable regime in terms of management, particularly of dust, noise, odour and explosions.” The Weekly recently reported CMA had announced it would be moving the Heatherdale Road shredder within two to three years to a more “suitable” location.




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